About Element Nutrition

Element Nutrition was born out of desire and commitment to develop and deliver to you, nutritional products that are formulated and built on sound nutritional science. Just as Elements are the foundation of life, proper nutrition is the foundation of health.

Our Mission – Element Nutrition

At Element Nutrition we believe quality of life is valuable and maintaining your health is paramount to living life to the fullest. We believe nutrition is the key element to optimal health. Our mission is to provide you with the nutritional tools you need to enhance your health. We deliver innovative, science based products that provide quality nutrition and empower you to Live Your Life & Stay Stronger Longer.

Maintaining our health allows us all live a better, active and more fulfilling life. In our fast paced world this can be a challenge for all of us. Therefore we are dedicated to providing nutritional solutions that support you as you take on the challenges of life on a daily basis.

Our Rejuvenate Muscle Health products are formulated by Stuart Lowther who holds an Honours Degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters Degree in Nutritional and Human Metabolism.

Stuart was the founder of Life Science Nutritional (LSN), and creator of the award winning IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins. Two of Canada’s top brands in the gummy vitamin market. LSN was one of Canada’s fastest growing companies for 5 years straight and in 2014 was Canada’s 2nd fastest growing company. After selling  LSN, Stuart founded Element Nutrition Inc. and has re-embarked on his mission to provide scientifically sound nutrition for everyone.

Our NEW & innovative Rejuvenate Muscle Health products are a delicious way to rebuild muscle & prevent muscle loss, increase strength and agility, and add to a ‘better you’!  Buy Online here.

Stuart Lowther and Element Nutrition in Integrated Health Resources Magazine Spring 2016