Our Brands

Boomer Nutrition is about helping you maximize your health as you age. Now is the perfect time to change your focus, to celebrate you and Live Your Life.

Boomer Nutrition ENERGY Whey Protein and Organic Vegan Protein are protein powders specifically formulated for the aging population, to provide high levels of essential amino acids like leucine that support muscle health and B vitamins for energy.

Boomer Nutrition is dedicated to providing natural products to support a healthy lifestyle without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Visit www.myboomernutrition.com for more information.

JAKTRX is an elite brand of performance supplements designed for the everyday athlete, weekend warrior, or anyone looking for that extra edge in their workout.

Boasting a complete line-up of Recovery Protein’s, BCAA/Coconut Water Hydration, Carbohydrate Recovery, Creatine and Fish Oil, JAKTRX has all of your daily supplement needs covered.

By choosing JAKTRX, you are giving your body the essential nutrients necessary to build strength and endurance, while helping aid in muscle recovery and repair.

Visit www.jaktrx.com for more information.